Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fun Spot USA - Kissimmee, Fla.

Okay, so photographing at a theme park is ridiculously easy, because you know you are going to get great reaction shots. It's very predictable. But these were some of the better shots I came up with. The top photo was especially tough to get, because the ride is the world's largest rip cord, located in Kissimmee, Fla. You are taken 300 feet into the air on a cord tied to a pole, then one person "rips the cord" and sends everyone into a free fall. You eventually swing from another pole until you come to a stop at the center. Hope I explained that all right, I don't have an overall shot because of the sheer size of this contraption (it requires a wider angle). The last two photos came from a giant swing (similar to the SkyHawk in Cedar Point).

But anyway... my trip to Florida got off to an excellent start. I am visiting some friends who moved to Jacksonville a few months ago, and we all went to Orlando for the weekend. We stayed in the Enclave Suites, a short walk away from Universal Studios, where we spent all day Saturday. (I have pictures from there, too, which I will post soon) I had been to Walt Disney Resort before, but never got to see Universal Studios until last weekend, and it was one hell of a time. The Simpsons ride was my favorite - it was a simulated 3-D adventure that felt incredibly real. Later that night, we went to Mardi Gras and watched the Barenaked Ladies in concert.

Today was spent at Fun Spot USA in Kissimmee, then Bike Week at Daytona Beach, followed by dinner in St. Augustine. Great weekend.

Check back soon for more updates. At least I hope.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ice Skating in Grand Rapids

I love Grand Rapids. I've only been there a handful of times, but every time I go, I have a great time. A couple weekends ago was no different - I joined several young journalists at the Michigan Press Association conference at the Amway Grand Plaza. On day two, I saw some people ice skating as we walked toward Amway, so I figured I'd take some photos real quick before the luncheon. I have a good sequence of a wipeout, but it's taking way too long to upload photos with the connection I have right now, so I may do it later.

Next up... Mikado.

Martin Luther King Unity March

I haven't updated in a long time. I apologize, for the precious few who happen to look here every now and then.

I spent the fall updating the football blog ( and following the CMU football team, which prevented me from getting time to update this blog. I've taken photos over the time, at a couple football games even, so I might post those soon.

Either way, here's some photos from the MLK Unity March on campus in late January. Nothing special, but it's an update. I plan on posting more soon, including a local Saginaw band that I started shooting last month. (Note: Above photos unedited.)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My first football shoot

I had the privilege to shoot my first football game while I was at the University of Georgia last weekend... the first time I got to really test out my 70-200mm f/2.8 lens.

Overall, I had a great time, despite Central Michigan losing 56-17. I had to run back and forth from the press box to the field about three or four times, because I was reporting AND shooting, but even through that hectic mess, I felt like I took some good photos for a first time through. Although being a newbie at this whole photography thing, I know these aren't mind-blowing. Some of these photos are a little off-focus in critical areas.

But you know what? Practice makes perfect, and I would greatly encourage any feedback from you photo nuts on maybe what I can do the next time I shoot football or any sport, for that matter. Any photo tips, in general? Thanks a bunch, in advance, and I hope you enjoy these.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Playing with a 70-200mm lens

Prior to the big football game earlier, I took my camera for a spin with the Canon 70-200mm lens around the office...

In order of appearance: Brad Canze, CM Life Lifeline editor; Beth Kieda, Senior Mentor; Jake May, editor-in-chief... and lastly, Jake May's head with a hippo on top of it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Michigan weather patterns

I took a trip back to Saginaw last weekend to attend my friend's college graduation party. It had been storming the entire drive home and through the first hour of my time there, so once it cleared up, I took some pictures:

Getting the lightning in a shot was tough since I'm only getting started at photography. After about a half hour of trying, I got the last picture. Not bad, huh?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

...And His Armada

I moved back into Mount Pleasant last Saturday... after a day of carrying a bed, an entertainment center, several shelves and a lot of boxes from my house to two cars and to the apartment, I unwinded with a little concert that took place at The Forum behind Wendy's.

...And His Armada:

Singer Jason Horrocks and drummer Marc Van Horn were my freshman and sophomore year roommates at CMU, in Larzelere Hall. Others: Kyle Tipton at guitar and Eric Sprott at bass.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with them. They just got together over the summer and had a very nice set going with a few dozen attendees. And the hot dogs were pretty good, too. Be sure to say hi to these guys if you're in Mount Pleasant and see them.